Expedition Kit List – the extra stuff to make your trip more comfortable

Having a comfortable seat in an expedition

Below is an expedition kit list of things I personally purchased to make my past expeditions a bit more comfortable. Tour operators will almost always send you an expedition kit or gear list with these items on there, some you’ll find are extra, You might not need all of them, but I am hoping it would help you, to go through them and remind you on whether you would need an extra item or two. I have also included quick paid links to where to get them.

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Best Hiking Shoes for Women hiking in the UAE

About hiking shoes

Looking for hiking boots/shoes? I have hiked for about 8 years now, and I wish I knew back then the information I know now. Of course, I went through a lot of trial and error when it came to my equipment, clothes, and most importantly, my footwear. I have tried everything from Columbia, North Face, Salomon, and La Sportiva. In this article, I will share with you my experiences.

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at the gym

Training for the Ultimate Hiking Experience

It can be difficult to prepare for a hike that you have not done before and it is also very easy to put off any training till the last few days before the start of your expedition. Sounds like you? You might even be wondering if training is even necessary for a simple hike you might be planning. Well, yes, it is. Believe me, training is an integral part of preparing for your hiking expeditions, especially if you are a regular trekker like me, and is necessary for maintaining a certain level of fitness for when you need it. Continue reading →

msr tent

Staying Comfortable During Camping in the Great Outdoors

Camping, although scary for newcomers, can be a very relaxing experience. Especially now with everyday stress surrounding us, camping can prove to be the escape you are looking for. From connecting with nature to aligning with your natural clock, camping has many benefits. But leaving the safe space of one’s home and going off into the uncomfortable wilderness can be difficult, no matter the duration. Continue reading →

Leave No Trace: Preserving the Beauty of Nature in the UAE

Going out into the wilderness seems like an adventure with no serious consequences. We all love to go on a hike now and then, or accompany our families on the annual family camping. But this adventure, like everything else in life, comes with responsibility. “Leave no trace” is a concept that allows you to preserve the beauty of mother nature that you see on your hikes by removing any traces that you were there. This means zero human involvement in terms of waste, disruption, and pollution. Continue reading →

hanady alhashmi on jabah shams mountain in oman

Hiking in Oman: the Most Beautiful Trails to Explore

How would it feel to look below in the yawning chasm or up at the peak of the mountain, exploring the world and enjoy the scents, sights, and sounds of nature? Hikers and adventurers know the thrill and the beauty that these views bring us. And today, I want to share some of my favorite hiking trails in Oman. Being a neighbor to the UAE, and filled with picturesque terrains, Oman boasts some of the most beautiful spots to hike and climb, offering explorer adventure and an invigorating sense of challenge and triumph. Continue reading →

The Ultimate Expedition Guide

When you are finally ready to let your love for the outdoors surface with an epic adventure, this guide will tell you all about how you can achieve it! Planning for your expedition is just as important as the expedition itself, so you know what to expect, can meet the challenges head-on, and are better prepared to appreciate the amazing benefits of a good adventure. Continue reading →

السير الجبلي “هايكنج” – دليل للمبتدئين في الامارات

ما هي نشاط  الهايكنج؟

الهايكنج أو السير لمسافات طويلة او السير الجبلي هي رياضة المشي في الجبال أو في المناطق الطبيعية ذات الطبيعة الجبلية بصفة عامة. تختلف الهايكنج عن رياضة المشي العادية. الخط الفاصل بين المشي والحركلة غير واضح. في حين أن كلا النشاطين يعنيان الاستكشاف سيرًا على الأقدام، فإن الكثير من الناس يعرّفون أنفسهم بأنهم يمشون فقط. تساعد مقارنة النشاطين ومقارنتهما في التمييز بين ما إذا كنت تحركل او تتنزه. الحركلة هو تمرين طبيعي يعزز اللياقة البدنية، وهو اقتصادي ومريح، ولا يتطلب أي معدات خاصة. نظرًا لأن hiking in rak uaeالممارسون يمكن أن يمشوا بقدر ما يريدون، فلا توجد إجهاد جسدي إلا إذا كانوا يسيرون بين التلال أو الجبال في اتجاه متصاعد. Continue reading →