mountains on the horizon with sunset

How far are these mountains?

Can you tell how far things are in the outdoors?

Have a look at the picture, can you tell how far the hills are? 


Take a closer look.. You can clearly see the variety of tones and textures of the terrain in the first hill at 1-3 kms away.


In the hill behind the water (to the left), we’re still able to view the contours of the rocks. That’s at 3-6 kms. 

At about 6-9 kms you won’t be able to see stones and details of the land, but the colour of the mountains is still clear, (that’s the smaller hills you see behind the second hill.)


At about 9-12 kms it seems the hills have merged into just one colour.


Anything after 12kms, simply appears as a haze.


Hope that was helpful and keep at eye out next time of your surroundings and maybe show off to your friends!..

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