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How to avoid blisters while hiking in the UAE

Something all hikers have experienced!. Here are some thoughts on how to best avoid it! Remember prevention is better than having to deal with it later, or even during the hike!

Step 1. Buy boots that fit ‘perfectly’, they recommend about 1-2 sizes bigger, depending on the thickness of socks you wear underneath plus for when your feet swell during the long hike. Also, don’t buy them too big, that can also cause blisters!

Step 2. Break in your new expensive hiking boots before the big hike! Walk around the neighborhood or your house if you have to.

glide for blisters

Step 3. I recommend using a product like Glide, these are expensive but worth it. Rub it on your feet generously before a hike.

Step 4.  Try getting moleskin to reduce friction between your sock and skin, i haven’t found this in the UAE, but you may find it or order it online from the US. If possible you might find something in pharmacies that create some type of a second skin layer, you may put this in areas you know are prone to get blisters. I have met some people who put these on religiously.

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Step 5: Ladies, don’t get a pedicure a day before your hike! I have met several ladies who have forgotten that taking off that precious dead skin tissue leads to blisters while hiking.

Step 6: Buy those type of socks that wick-away sweat i.e. polyester. Don’t wear cotton socks. They make your feet wet and thus causes blisters.

Step 7: Enjoy your hike! and don’t forget, if you sense that you’re developing a blister, stop, cover it up and continue!



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