Things I’ve Learned While Hiking

Here are some things I have learn from a few years hiking in the UAE and abroad. Some through some funny and other painful experiences.

  1. Guides always lie about how long it will take to reach a certain point
  2. Enjoy the climb and don’t think so much about reaching
  3. You  must truly love the outdoors to be able to handle what comes
  4. Be prepared for anything with everything you got on you, and sometimes things you find int he wild.
  5. After a while everyone smells bad, so don’t worry about it so much.
  6. Don’t forget to brush your hair in an expedition, you develop dreadlocks
  7. Keep drinking water, cramps from dehydration are really painful!
  8. Hiking burns lots of calories! In expeditions, it seems to also burn muscle
  9. Do not skimp on water and carry some electrolytes
  10. Train before any expedition
  11. Be nice, flexible and able to adapt when hiking with groups, or else no one will invite you again
  12. Enjoy rest days while in expeditions, listen to music, sit outside if it’s sunny (do not take off your shirt!), have a snowball fight!
  13. Use sunscreen and a nose guard! Put it on every hour.. Being sunburnt hurts.
  14. Do not take off boots while hiking, they swell up.
  15. Plan everything about your trip; where to sleep, get water, check the weather, etc.
  16. Even if you are not the guide, watch out for other people. Especially, in high altitude climbs, look if there any changes to their characteristics.
  17. Take care of the environment. Everyone deserves to see it pretty.
  18. Being so cold might not make you want to eat or drink. But remember to stop, take in some fuel and water
  19. Not every friend you have is a great travel companion. Find someone perfect and keep them!
  20. The reason we are not supposed to feed wild animals is that they don’t depend on us.
  21. A she-wee is worth every cent.
  22. Your mind is stronger than your body.
  23. One of the best things I have ever tried in the US is trail mixes. We don’t have them in the UAE, but you can make your own.
  24. Research tour agencies before you pay them. Make sure they are legit!
  25. You should always feel safe
  26. Do not wash down jackets and sleeping bags. Something will go wrong eventually.
  27. Invest in proper gear, It may save your life. Gloves, down jackets, sleeping bags should not be things you skimp on.
  28. Go with synthetic clothes, including underwear.
  29. Always take headlamps with you in the backpack, you never know what can go wrong and end up walking at night
  30. Let people know where you are going.
  31. Break-in your new boots before going on a hike
  32. Did I mention you should prepare for your trip? Every aspect of it. extra clothing in case it gets wet? How many hours are you hiking? How many calories in your food should you carry? etc.
  33. Be honest with your guides about any medical issues you have.
  34. Coffee is life-saving.
  35. Don’t carry books
  36. If there is a slight chance of rain, make sure everything is waterproofed!


I will keep updating this post as I go. If you have any more of your own, please do share.

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