The Basic Hiking Essentials

So you want to start hiking? Before you head off on a shopping spree and buy needless equipment, I have put down the bare essentials to enjoy your first hike. These are the things you will always need in a hike or backpacking expedition. Of course, depending on circumstances, you might need more.

1. Boots

Probably the first thing people think about buying when wanting to get serious into DSC_0500hiking. It is always a mystery what the right boots are. It’s always a good idea to ask not only the salesman but your more experienced friends and of course Google on what the best boots are nowadays with all their technology that makes them water-proof, light, durable, etc. Best to take your time and try some boots on before making an expensive decision. High quality ones last way longer than the cheaper ones. And don’t look at brand names, some are worse than others. I’d recommend going foot high-ankle boots for the support, but if you plan to always hike light and on easy terrain then short-ankle ones are fine.

2. Backpack

Which size to use and what capacity? 20L? 35L? 50L? Colour? hard decisions and yet again it goes down to your goals. If you are thinking of taking hiking seriously and travel abroad. I’d recommend going for a 35L. There are some brands that make women sized backpacks that accommodate the chest and hips, very much worth the investment. Think about how you’d like to organize your things inside, I always prefer more pockets and zippers.

3. Clothing

I always prefer to hike with long sleeve shirts and trousers, even if its hot, to protect me from the sun. Of course, you pay opt for shorter sleeves and shorts. As long as the material is breathable and stay away from cotton, even your underwear. If you plan to travel in cold weather, remember to layer up starting with thermal underwear, micro fleece jacket, down jacket and water-proof jacket. When it gets warm, you can start to remove the layers to accommodate.

Of course, these are the mere essentials when going shopping for a new adventure. Always look at what the guide asks you to bring along in your trip to better enjoy it and stay safe.IMG_20171218_105359_617

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