Outdoor women on their periods..

Since the beginning of time, women have lived outdoors and have dealt with their menstrual cycles every month. So should not stop any modern woman these days of going outdoors and enjoying their activities.

With this post, I hope to shed some light on the topic of women on their periods while outdoors. The intention is for it to be educational not just for women, but men as well. The menstrual cycle is a natural cycle in life and should not be ignored, not should it discourage women to go outdoors.

Here are some ways to better enjoy the outdoors while on your period..

  • If you know you will be on your period, carry extra pads and tampons. I recommend putting them in a ziplock bag in case of rain or anything in the backpack leaks. Extra Tip: Mountain guides sometimes have pads and tampons in their first aid kit as they double to treat injuries and nose bleeds. If no one in the group has some, then ask the guide!
  • Keep your pads and tampons not only water-proof but clean!
  • Keep changing your pads every 4 hours or so. As it also accumulates sweat.
  • Keep yourself clean, take some toilet paper and wet wipes.
  • Wash your hands before and after changing your pads. Take some hand sanitizer.
  • Take pain killers to manage the cramps.
  • Take some extra underwear
  • Get some small trash bags to dispose of them.

If you are a guide..

Same things apply here too, such as carrying tampons, pads, pain killers, along with:

  • While briefing the group, it would be good to inform them that you are carrying this stuff with you. Younger women or girls would probably shyer to ask you if you are a man. Perhaps letting them how to access the first kit would be one way.
  • Inform them of how to dispose of trash. The best way is to ask them to bring their own disposal bag to the hike, whether on their period or not. No one should leave anything outdoors.
  • Be compassionate, women go through an ordeal every month, more some than others. Sometimes all they need is some support.
  • Stay formal. Don’t bring it up in a joking or offending manner

With that, I hope you are more ready to enjoy the outdoors! If you have any further feedback, let me know! What are some tricks you have learned to deal with it?

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