Top 10 Gifts for Friends who Love to Hike

Shopping for gifts can be tiresome when you do not know just what to get for your friends. A gift should be personalized to the person you are gifting it to and should serve a purpose to be meaningful to them, which is a tough combination. However, if your friends love hiking and are anything like me, they would definitely appreciate these fun and practical gifts from you, that will be both meaningful and useful to them.

1. Compass

Navigation is the most important of hiking adventures, whether you are scaling a mountain or traversing across sand dunes. A good compass is a great gift idea for your friend. It is practical, can be a style statement, can be customized and engraved, and will last a long time as a souvenir of your friendship. A multipurpose compass, like this one, can be a fun and useful tool to keep, with a thermometer, whistle, and magnifying glass attached!

2. Hammock

A comfortable and easy to set up a hammock is a great gift for your adventurous friends and can be used anywhere. They can even set up in their backyard for a night under the stars.

3. Binoculars

Want your friends to fully experience the beautiful views from their hike? A set of good binoculars accomplishes this and makes a great gift item. Make sure that the binoculars you use are lightweight and compact for added efficiency.

4. Multipurpose tools

Compact and convenient, a multipurpose tool is a very useful and novel instrument to gift your friends. Not only does it look incredibly cool, but it can also bring very practical uses for hiking and camping, often packing essential tools like pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, bottle openers, and saw, into one handy pocket tool. Make sure that you choose a lightweight tool as a gift since weight can be an issue when carrying it on a hike.

5. Travel Adventure books

Whether it is based on exotic trails around the world, challenging hikes, the top peaks of the country, or an adventure travel diary, books provide an excellent escape to great places, and destinations from around the globe for future goals. As a gift, books can accompany your friend to places and help make plans for the next ones.

6. Hiking boots

Good hiking boots are an essential item for trekking: they provide good support, a strong foothold on uneven terrains, and are much more comfortable than regular boots for the added exertion. If you know your friend’s style and size, a good pair of hiking boots will be a practical and stylish gift.

7. Collapsible trekking poles

Trekking poles provide some much-needed support when climbing or walking rough terrains. A collapsible or compact trekking pole is a good gift as it is functional and easy to carry around, and your friend will surely appreciate the gesture.

8. Solar Power supply

One of the main problems hikers face when on longer expeditions is the power limitation. A solar power supply panel might not sound that great, but it is one of the most useful gift items that your friend will likely use again and again, and think of you every time they do.

9. Backpack

A sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable backpack is every hiker’s dream and necessity. Due to the large range of styles and colors available, this custom gift will be sure to impress your friend with thoughtfulness and care, and you will be always remembered when they use it. Hint: Osprey is my favourite!

10. The ‘Original’ UAE Adventure Stickers

These are 50 unique stickers made for UAE enthusiasts, depicting popular sayings, activities and destinations in the UAE. Check them out here!

If you live in the UAE, there are some great places to check out sports gear like this and select your gifts, or your own equipment, like the Adventure HQ (Abu Dhabi and Dubai), Decathlon (Dubai and Abu Dhabi). These shops are one of the few that provide a wide variety of outdoor sports and hiking gear.

I hope you can find some useful suggestions from the above and select a gift that will surely be remembered by your friends.

Have any other gift suggestions? Do share!

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