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Training for the Ultimate Hiking Experience

It can be difficult to prepare for a hike that you have not done before and it is also very easy to put off any training till the last few days before the start of your expedition. Sounds like you? You might even be wondering if training is even necessary for a simple hike you might be planning. Well, yes, it is. Believe me, training is an integral part of preparing for your hiking expeditions, especially if you are a regular trekker like me, and is necessary for maintaining a certain level of fitness for when you need it.

Between those hiking sessions, when you are at home, the need to train takes a back seat. This might not sound like a big deal, but it adds up over time to lower stamina and reduce overall strength, both of which are extremely important for hikers. What fun would it be if you cannot enjoy the views and the exertion of your adventure while you are busy tending to those sore muscles? You need to have enduring strength for the ultimate hiking and climbing adventures, and this can only be achieved through constant and routine training before a hike.

Importance of Training

Your whole body is involved in activities like hiking and climbing, and while complete physical fitness is necessary for the best and safest experience, there are some training routines that are a must. These two factors are essential to achieve effective hiking and safe physical exertion:

  1. Strength: Including a variety of exercises, strength is an important attribute of physical fitness. This means increasing your overall physical capability and strength which will prepare you for any and all challenges. You can lift weights, use resistance training, or even Yoga. Yoga is great for improving posture, balance and flexibility!
  1. Aerobic Endurance: While repeated hiking experiences provide the best endurance training, you can also increase your endurance through other exercises and sports. The idea is to build up your stamina, bit by bit, through extensive and routine training, your endurance improves and you will be able to tackle any physical challenges you encounter during your expedition.

How to stick to your training

Let us now look at ways you can stick to your training and prepare for the ultimate hiking experience:

  1. Set up a routine

The best way to effectively train for a hike is to set up a routine to stick to. This can be customized to your personal choices: can be an hour daily, or two hours of alternative days. You can also choose alternative training for different days, like on Mondays you can go for Cardio and Fridays can be used for yoga. It is essential that you stick to the routine you set up, so it becomes a habit.

  1. Make training fun

When the training is fun, it will be easier to manage and stick to, and you will look forward to it. You can try to train outdoors, or in your garden for a change of scenery. You can go to the gym for an added sense of camaraderie or train with a friend, in person or online!

  1. Set up rewards

After a successful training session, you can set rewards for yourself, such as an hour watching a favorite show, reading a book or taking a nap.

  1. Award rest breaks

To take your mind away from the intense training, take the occasional day off your schedule to rest up. This will make training regularly easier and stress-free. Take this time to socialise or attend to self -care like a massage. You should also leave training a day before your hike to avoid being tired.

I hope these factors motivated you to get going and maintain your training to be best prepared for your amazing adventures!

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