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Expedition Kit List – the extra stuff to make your trip more comfortable

Below is an expedition kit list of things I personally purchased to make my past expeditions a bit more comfortable. Tour operators will almost always send you an expedition kit or gear list with these items on there, some you’ll find are extra, You might not need all of them, but I am hoping it would help you, to go through them and remind you on whether you would need an extra item or two. I have also included quick paid links to where to get them.

  1. GoPro Camera Hero 9, there might be newer cameras by then, but I found this one to do the job, and its waterproof.
  2. Backpack Strap to hold your GoPro Camera, you dont always want to be holding your camera, you can just place it on the strap of your backpack. Easily accessible, with a click of a button. Just watch out for cold temperatures as they tend too drain the battery.
  3. Sandisk Extreme Pro MicroSD memory card for your Gopro
  4. MoleSkin for blisters
  5. Ricoloa Lozenges, especially for dry cold weather
  6. After Sun Lotion
  7. AAA Lithium batteries and AA Lithium batteries, these stay long in cold weather conditions, you’ll need them for walkie talkies, headlamps, etc
  8. Wet wipes.These in particular are big, moist and enough to cover your body. Helpful for when taking a shower is not an option.
  9. Fast Chews, you can place these in your mouth without having to dissolve in water
  10. HotHands Warmers, these are bigger than the usual sizes sold
  11. Tenacious Tape, used to fix patches on your jackets, etc
  12. Sea to Summit, Xbowl
  13. No Rinse Shampoo, perfect for when thewater is too cold to take a shower
  14. BigBlue Solar Charger Foldable, this one I found to be highly rated, tested it and wasnt disappointed.
  15. Ultra Repair Cream, for dry skin.
  16. Steripen, used to purify water using UV
  17. Thuraya XT LITE With NOVA SIM – Satellite phone
  18. Electrolytes Powder in sachets, with vitamins to put in your water, good for hydration and taste really good.
  19. Clear Eyes, eye drops good for if youre going to dry areas.
  20. Hard case for your Nintendo Switch

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