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Mountain Girls – A UAE children’s book about adventure

‘Mountain Girls’ is a children’s book I wrote about three Emirati girls who go out on their first adventure in a mountainous area in the United Arab Emirates, near their home in search for honey.

Noora, Maitha and Alya have lived near the mountains of the Emirates all their lives. As sisters who grew up on a farm, you would think that they were always out exploring. But you would be wrong. In fact, the two youngest siblings are afraid to go hiking.

That all changes when the sisters hear from the neighbours that there is a lack of honey in the area. Determined to find a beehive, they set off for the mountains.

But what challenges will they face? And will they be able to overcome their fears?

Find out in this delightful tale of adventure, which encourages young girls to venture into the unknown and realise how strong they are. You can find this UAE children’s book here.

I wrote this book for my love of adventure. As I have spent about 8 years hiking in the UAE region, exploring the outdoors in areas such as Ras Alkhaimah, Fujairah, Dubai and Sharjah. I was fascinated and inspired by the many animals, people and places I found while on my adventures. I wanted children’s story to show all this and inspire young children to go out and explore the outdoors.

The book is for young kids around the age of 8 to 10 years old (3rd to 5th graders), but I believe even adults would enjoy it. It is available in English in both Kindle and Paperback edition in Amazon. Arabic will be launched later in 2022.

Here are some photos taken by the amazing people who bought the book!

I hope you enjoy this unique children’s book, if you do, please leave a review in Amazon.

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