1. I admire women who are challenge-driven, adventurous and passionate with what they do. You are brave and ambitious, Hanady. More mountains to conquer.

  2. It’s my pleasure to see an energetic girl from Emirate (UAE) be very active in mountain sports.

    Not withstanding the inter countries situation in this point of the world, I am very happy to see a girl like you be very active!

    I recommend you to visit the Alpine style mountains in the US.
    You may go to Idaho, a beautiful NW state and spend at least a month in that region.

    There you can visit Grand Tetons National Park, just beneath Yellowstone NP. It’s a pert of paradise on Earth with beautiful lakes and streams by the mountains, fresh mountain breathing and enjoy breathtaking views. There you can enjoy climbing the Grand Teton peak (4,200 meters hight). There are more beautiful places there in Idaho which you definitely enjoy spending your time.

    Saeid Mohammadi

    p.n., please feel comfortable and do not mix politics in my above note. We also have beautiful places and mountains in Iran, a gorgeous mountain just to the north of Tehran and many very close to Tehran.
    I wish you sometimes visit here and enjoy climbing these mountains.
    You are always more than welcome to visit here.

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